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  Wood Flat Iron Brush #16157

Wood Flat Iron Brush  • Longer handle for control
• Firm grab for smooth styles
• Natural boar bristles
• Luxury design

Getting a flat-iron look near the scalp and where bonds can't tolerate high heat can be achieved easily with this Wood Flat Iron Brush and the heat of a blow dryer. Its luxury design, with a smooth-grasp maple-wood handle, flat barrel and short bristle length all combine to enable a firm grab. Long handle eliminates hand pinching, providing better control. Use with the Sheila Stotts Moist to Dry Flat Iron on hair's length, or with the Atom Ionic Blow Dryer at the scalp and on bonds. This brush enables you to straighten up and style right.

Price: $38.00


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Wood Flat Iron Brush

Wooden Flat Iron Brush fully open position


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